Creativity at the table

by  Carla Cacace, interior designer, @home_decor_for_women

This year was atypical for the whole world and the need to create and reinvent ourselves came to our table during the next holidays. With shortest budgets and the number of guests reduced to family members  there is nothing fairer than investing in a more modest but special decoration.

 Christmas themed table:

 At this time of year it is easy to find home decor with Christmas themes, you can look for decorated dishes, leaves, candles and a mini-tree. Alternate colors, if the plates are like the one in the photo, green and gold, use a towel of another color, such as red, to highlight the decoration.  It doesn’t need much exaggeration because less is more. Some details that reflect this time give the perfect touch.  Another tip is a mini-tree that is already lit with fiber optic light; it is delicate and gives a special touch.

Tip: what my guests love and find very affectionate is a chocolate box that I always leave for each one, right next to the plate.

Panning the cabinets

In the second option, but not less special, I used everything that was already inside my house, some decorated dishes that are kept for special occasions, a small vase of flowers in the same colors as the plates as well as a small candlestick. However, to give it a Christmas touch, I invested in red flowers and a plastic pine branch that you can find in any cheap store, the real pine I found in the neighborhood, details that make all the difference. Use the cloth napkins, in the photo the special touch is the natural green leaves, these I took from my garden. Always make a contrast with the table cloth; in this option, I opted for the white towel that harmonizes with the dishes. Everything practical, simple and easy for you to make a beautiful Christmas table with great affection for your family!

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