Pure Gold

The festive season is just around the corner and everyone is pretty happy to say goodbye to 2020. Upgrade your end of the year looks with a golden touch!

  1. Dazzling Top

The occasion might be a small family celebration or a dinner with your closest friend; however, they are the ones who deserve to see you at your best! Don’t be shy and go for full-on sparkle. If you are not a big fan of yellow gold, opt for a toned down shade to paint your blouse and pair it with a shimmering skirt. Shine like a diamond!

  1. Aim for the Stars!

Don’t let the setbacks of this year put you down, it’s time to look up and the answer might be in the stars. If you believe in their power, you can now carry them with you day and night. Accessorize created a collection of golden pendants that represents stars constellations for each zodiac sign. A subtle personal glitz.

Acessorize Capricorn Constallation
  1. Feet Detail

If too much sparkle is not your thing, you can go for comfortable footwear to run your daily errands. Golden mules are easy to pair with casual outfits without making them too basic. End of the year shopping list is starting to knock at your door and whatever the scenario is, online or hitting the stores, you’d better have comfy shoes.

Dune London
  1. Oh my Hair!

Headbands are having a big comeback in the past seasons and incorporating them to your looks gives you a fashionista status. This yellow gold accessory can complement your festive outfit or add some radiance to your basic white tee and denim kind of days. They look great in short-haired girlies.

Oliver Bonas
  1. Black and Gold

The most sophisticated combination for your festive wear is pairing black and gold.  The yellowish hue adds light to the somber dark shade and creates an astonishing result. If you want to impress, opt for shimmering pants. They are difficult to wear, but if you manage to pull them off, this will be an outfit to be remembered in years to come!

Miss Selfridge

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