The Perfect Jacket

The coziest clothing piece in everyone’s closet is a warm, yet stylish jacket. I have this thing of choosing a favorite one and wearing it the whole time the cold breeze is around (which to be honest, is not very far from where I am reporting now), what about you? Here are some of the trendiest picks to be added to your warmer collection!

  1. 1.Navy Duty

The classic suit jacket (sailor inspired) is perfect to give a fancier look to that tired pair of denim that insists on coming with you wherever you go. Finalize the outfit with high-heeled pumps for a killer look, or trust your ballerina flats to keep you moving. In times of Zoom meetings, throw it on top of your pajama shirt to be ready in no time to attend that important meeting with your boss. They will think that despite the adversities, you are still the coolest girl in town!

  1. 2.Check Mate

The plaid print has been in the fashion world for a while; it became popular around the 1700s in Scotland to be more precise. There are many interpretations to the simple crisscross design, but the motif is always a stylish pick to add some extra coolness to your looks during the colder months of the year. I know it might be linked to boring office clothes; however, try to pair it up with a sexy black dress or some denims to keep its smart status.

  1. 3.Blue Denim 

If you were a teenager in the nineties like me, you will remember the oversized jean-jacket you had and loved! Mine was a black denim; I was definitely a rebel without a cause! The trend is back, if you still have yours (you might be a hoarder or you really take care of your possessions) dust it off and own it! For a perfect back to the past look, team your jacket with a flowy dress and white sneakers.

  1. 4.Not Really a Jacket

The very long vest is a trendy piece of the season; however, it doesn’t really warm you as a coat would. You might be able to pull this off when the weather is not that freezing (or if you live in the Middle East where the winters are always sunny). The best companion to this “sleeveless-jacket” is a long and warm sleeved top. If you team it up with tailored trousers and a nice shirt, you might have found a stylish, yet formal enough, office outfit!

  1. 5.Shearling Details

Another trend from the past, the warm wool (preferably a synthetic type) is usually placed inside leather (or faux-leather, which would be an animal friendly option, to go with the fake wool). This is really a winter jacket that will keep you warm and keep your rock’n roll vibe in place! Team it up with combat boots to embrace the punk in you.

  1. 6.The Blanket 

If you are looking for comfort, thermal feeling and super stylish effect, this is the jacket for you! If you choose one with a quilted texture, then you are certain to call attention everywhere you go. The good thing is that you won’t need to work on your layers, this piece alone will do all the heating work you need when winter comes. A piece to invest in fall and to be your ‘It’ jacket during all cold months of the year.

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